Big Steve Gee - Rodium Swap Meet 2080 (SixTape)


2086 (Brainchild of DJ Big Steve Gee and industry veteran Wendy Day) is a unique mixed tape because it combines old with new (a phenomenon currently taking place in the behind the scenes staffing of the ever shifting music industry). Old meets new to create the future. 2086 takes the 1980s concept of a mixtape, but utilizes today's most current popular rap music-- as if Dr Dre made a 2013 version of his historically famous Rodium Swap Meet mixed tape. Additionally, each version of 2086 is dedicated to a different music industry mover and shaker who has been able to retain his or her relevancy behind the scenes in the music industry longer than two decades. Mike Caren currently serves as President of Urban Music at Atlantic Records. He is extremely relevant. Been #winning since 1989, He has since been responsible for signing numerous artists that have earned gold and platinum-selling records. His signings include: Trey Songz, T.I., Flo Rida, Cody Simpson, Trick Daddy, Twista, Trina, Wiz Khalifa, Juvenile, B.O.B., and Brianna Perry.



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